At least he has a good arm

Announcer: “There have been many presidents who have thrown out first pitches, but I don’t now that anybody’s ever done it better than this particular president.”

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3 Responses to At least he has a good arm

  1. noevadeaux says:

    I don’t know if you remember me telling you about the time my son got his baseball autographed by Dubya……while he was the owner, before he became the gov..I’m pretty sure I did.

    We kept it for many years, I always thought of it as a bad omen, and I finally found it a new home. I gave it to the President of Nocona Athletic Goods – the only baseball glove manufacturer still making baseball gloves in the US. It has a happy home in their museum now. I only hope it doesn’t bring them bad luck – their plant burned down a couple of years ago – I hope it doesn’t happen again because they now have the evil baseball.

    I can’t tell you how many times I was tempted to toss it in a burning brush pile here at Gobble Hollow. Good riddance.

    P.S. That pitch was pretty high. Ball One!

  2. Shawn Wilson says:

    Dude, those were some pretty loud boos. What does that have to feel like? I may not like all his policies but I do think he is a good man.

  3. Nathan S says:

    I agree with you Shawn.
    Yah, he’s done a lot of thing I don’t like, but he’s still the President.

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