Who should grace Mount ‘Stachemore?

For many, many years, spirited debate has raged about who across the globe has the finest, most admirable mustaches. There are throngs of well-qualified candidates, and as the American Mustache Institute prepares to build a Mustache Hall-of-Fame in St. Louis near the world’s largest mustache – the St. Louis Arch – it is asking the public to help choose the penultimate four mustaches who’s faces and luxurious lip hair should adorn a soon to be named mountain in the western United States – to be known as Mt. ‘Stachemore.

Below are some options for consideration, but write-in candidates are welcome as well. Voters are asked to choose their favorite mustached humanoid, and AMI will take the results and ensure that those four who receive the highest number of votes are properly placed atop Mt. Stachemore.



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One Response to Who should grace Mount ‘Stachemore?

  1. Darren says:

    Mount Stachemore!
    I wonder if they’ll have an amusement park and offer free rides
    for the ladies?


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