New Pole Tax in Texas

Strip club fee: In what some have dubbed the “pole tax,” Texas will require its 150 or so strip clubs to collect a $5-per-customer levy, with most proceeds going to help rape victims. Club owners argue that the fee infringes on freedom of expression, is an unconstitutional occupation tax and unfairly links their industry to sex crimes.

The Texas Entertainment Association and the owner of an Amarillo club have sued to block the fee, and a hearing is scheduled for Jan


There only about 150 strip clubs in Texas?  That seems like such a low number considering the size of the state.  Heck, I would have thought DFW or Houston would have that amount alone, even uber conservative Abilene has one so I would have thought there would have been more in the state.  I guess that just about sums up my strip club knowledge. 

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3 Responses to New Pole Tax in Texas

  1. littlepastor says:

    Your knowledge includes the existence of a strip club in Abilene? Interesting…

  2. Doug (Fort Worth Sleestaks) says:

    I’m vote for Geeding to start the Texas Strip Club blog. No just kidding. However; on a serious note, ss a fund raiser for Lupus I want all BON readers who “entertain men” for a living to send Keith their t-backs. I will donate one dollar for each t-back from a real Texas stripper. 🙂

  3. Jamie Weaver says:

    Its seams pretty funny to me that its called a pole tax especially in this instance.

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