Utah students say health club showing pornography

Some college students in Utah County are calling some music videos pornographic, and they are trying to get a health club to take them off its screen.

The controversy involves two Gold’s Gym locations in Utah County frequented by BYU and UVSC students. Five organizations are banding together to keep the videos from being shown at the gyms.

The organizations that fight pornography in the community are upset with the videos at the gym and say they have collected nearly 1,000 signatures on a petition calling on Gold’s Gym to quit showing the videos.

Gold’s Gym officials here in Utah agreed to hear their concerns this afternoon, as the students prepared to protest.

The Gold’s Gym near the BYU campus is one of 19 Gold’s Gyms in Utah. A majority of this gym’s customers are BYU students. Dallen Johnson says, “I’ve had to leave, honestly! There have been four times I’ve run out of the cardio cinema because of racy and inappropriate things being shown, things I personally view as pornography.”

The students gave Gold’s 10 days to remedy their concerns before they start picketing the health club. They outlined four specific issues they’d like resolved:

  • No rated R movies or sexually explicit or racy PG-13 movies.
  • Change the content of Gold’s Broadcasting Network or don’t show the Network.
  • Keep external TV’s on decent and clean stations, or let members choose the channels themselves.
  • Install blinds on the aerobics room to block the dancing, which is very provocative.

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