That deserves a badge: Scout saves President from knifeman

badge360_263808a.jpgBoy scouts aspire to do at least one good deed every day but few can match the claim of 15-year-old Mohamed Jaisham. He saved the life of his country’s President.

When a knifeman emerged from the crowd and lunged at Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President of the Maldives, the teenager wrestled him to the ground and seized the blade.

The attacker had wrapped a kitchen knife in the national flag of the Maldives and launched his attack as President Gayoom greeted supporters at the opening of a renewable energy project.

However, Mohamed, wearing the characteristic green Scout uniform with scarf and woggle, lived up to the Scout motto of “Be Prepared”. He stepped between the knifeman and President Gayoom, suffering an injury to his hand in the ensuing scuffle. The President was unharmed, although the knife ripped his shirt.

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After saving the life of a president and automatically become the social stud of his school one would think he could smile for a picture.

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