How much is inside a ketchup packet?

ketchup12sefd.jpgHow much is inside a ketchup packet? No one knows for sure, but there is a general consensus that it is only about one-fifth of the amount of ketchup one needs to enjoy french fries.

Brooke and I decided to find out how many packets of ketchup it takes to fill a bottle.

The first step was to buy a new bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup.

Next we headed to Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. to collect ketchup packets. The USA has traditionally been the land of plenty when it comes to a bounty of free condiment packets, but some places are getting really stingy with them lately.


My first thought is that it would be easier (maybe not as much fun) to look at the serving size and do a little math with a bit of conversion here and there.

Speaking of ketchup (or is it spelled catsup?) here’s a silly ketchup trick that’s easy to pull off but may amaze the kiddos.

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