Another Roy Williams Changing Jerseys Story

I think the nicest gestures of the week belong to Dallas safety Roy Williams and the Redskins. Washington listed the late Sean Taylor as their starting safety for Saturday’s playoff game. On the other hand, Williams, who was named to the Pro Bowl as a replacement for Taylor, said he will have something special for the Taylor family in Honolulu, and this is what it is: He’ll switch from his uniform number, 31, and wear Taylor’s number, 21, for the game. A brilliant idea and nice tribute to the memory of a man who’s been an inspiration to players and people in and out of the Washington organization.

Peter King MMQB

Roy Williams was in a sticky situation anyways.  First off, his play this year isn’t deserving of a Pro-Bowl slot, even as a reserve.  Second, replacing a deceased playing while playing for the rival team is a pretty sticky situation no matter how you look at it.  I think he did the right thing.

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