So they’ll be using plastic snow . . .

When Benjamin Braddock learned that plastics are the future, he probably wasn’t thinking snow. But Snowflex, a polymer-based snow substitute, is being used to cover a ski resort…in Texas. Bearfire Resorts believes their Texan slopes will be ready to go by ’09, so oil moguls and Snowflex moguls can have a little get-together. Just don’t eat the Snowcones.



[Thanks, Nathan S!]

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One Response to So they’ll be using plastic snow . . .

  1. Bryan says:

    This is never going to happen. The price tag on this project is in the neighborhood of $1 billion. I don’t see any way that this can compete with the real thing less than a days drive away in NM and Colorado. Who wants to ski on a rubber mountain in 100 degree heat in Texas? I just can’t wrap my hands around how they’ll get any return on investment.

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