A computer inside a piano

What you see pictured is a beautiful 1904 Chickering Upright Grand Piano, refinished to its original splendor. To make it a set, a matching refurbished antique Piano Stool is also included. Wrapped in magnificent mahogany, the piano’s warm tones and unique features draws one to it. It boasts superior craftsmanship, as evident in its intricate carved details, beautifully curved keyboard cover and exquisite legs. It has a charming history, as many antique pianos do. But this one also has a secret.

The secret this piano holds is that it is not a piano at all. There is a semi-hidden panel, and when slid down, it is held in place. To raise the panel, simply press it and it will rise automatically. Words cannot describe what it is like to watch the panel rise on its own, as if by an invisible hand.

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