I’ve been addicted to the

BBQ baked potato as of late.

The best so far is not from any BBQ joint in Texas, but from Jason’s Deli.

The absolute worst . . . Baker’s Bros.  Their version of a BBQ baked potato is chopping up roast beef and putting that on a baked potato with a very cheap BBQ sauce.


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2 Responses to I’ve been addicted to the

  1. bpat says:

    you should try a Sgt. Pepper. A sandwich with beef,sauted peppers and onions, cheese and au jus. I ordered so many while working in Waco they came to recognize my voice.

  2. Cajun Pastor says:

    Back Country BBQ in Dallas has the best one’s I’ve had. It’s off of Greenville, near the intersection of Park Lane. Man, I wish we still lived in that area, cause those baked potato’s were awesome!!

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