Weird Things People Keep In Jars


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14 Responses to Weird Things People Keep In Jars

  1. i kept a human brain in my office in the psych dept at baylor when i was in grad school there. in those days, it was just another brain in formaldyhide. today that would be very politically incorrect, and possibly criminal!

  2. littlepastor says:

    In the Psych Dept. at ‘Baylor’!

    this must drive KG crazy, not just any Psych Department, but the ‘Baylor’ Psych Dept.

  3. Crystal says:

    That is just plain weird, and creepy

  4. Norman says:

    its a pig, with one friggin eye

  5. cory says:

    this is so fake its just a weird fish

  6. nylorac says:

    wow! I wonder what it would have looked like alive!?

  7. chloe says:


  8. kimmy says:

    WTF! WHAT'S THAT????????

  9. megan says:


  10. Karlie says:

    looks like a gorilla! lol

  11. AWESOMNESS says:

    I FEELS SO BAD 4 THAT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. cjmackin says:


  13. moo says:

    That thing is awesome but fake!!!

  14. wonderwoman says:

    its not fake. If you google it you will see that it is in fact a real pic.

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