Trump Steaks

trumpsteaks1.jpegTrump SteaksTM are USDA Prime Certified Angus Beef® Brand – a brand so elite that less than one percent of all the beef produced in America can meet all the standards required.

Trump SteaksTM come exclusively from superior, corn-fed Angus stock – “The Butcher’s Breed” from the American Midwest – selected so that their beef meets nine additional quality standards not even required of USDA Prime.

All Trump SteaksTM are aged to perfection to ensure you enjoy the most tender, flavorful steak you’ve ever tasted. Each steak is cut by master butchers to exacting standards for trim, thickness and marbling. At their peak, Trump SteaksTM are individually sealed, flash frozen, carefully packed in dry ice and shipped to you in a distinctive black and gold Trump SteaksTM presentation box.


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