True Mom Confessions

Just a bunch of postings of moms confession.

Some comments are boring, some entertaining, and some will make you blush.

Some examples:

  • I resent people that don’t have stretch marks.

  • I am 99% sure I know who my baby’s father is. But there is a possibility I’m wrong.

  • My brother is gay, and I worry that my son will turn out to be gay because of it.

  • I am so glad that my daughter is intelligent like me and not slow like her father.

  • I used to be thin and pretty. I used to be able to get any guy I wanted. I was fun to party with and always had great seats at concerts. Now I am fat, have stretch marks, and a baby that cries too much. What the hell happened to me?

  • I can’t eat pizza anymore because that’s the last meal my parents had before they were killed in the accident….wierd, huh? The thought of it makes me physically feel like throwing up .



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