Top Ten 1980s Board Games

connectfour.jpgIt’s hard to believe that there was a time not that long ago, when there wasn’t 943 satellite channels to sway our boredom, we didn’t have 18 video game systems for each TV in the house and the only thing we knew about computers was that Mathew Broderick could change his grades with one. Yes, it may seem like the dark ages compared to today, but there was always one thing that we could depend on to ease the pain of our primitive existence… the board game. Granted, the board game was not a tool you used often. In fact, it may have only been a weapon of last resort saved only for that grim time in between after school cartoons and Knight Rider. They may not have seen a lot of action, but they did their job well, keeping you occupied for a solid 27 minutes until you completely lost interest. But the 80’s board game specifically was a thing of beauty; you didn’t just have a board, a few game pieces and a couple dice, you had electronics, mechanical devices and 3-dimensional structures. They were indeed magical creations packed neatly in a flat cardboard box. So enough of my pointless rambling, here’s my top 10 1980’s board games.


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  1. I just did a post on my favorite board games growing up. stop by and say hi sometime.

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