The 10 Hottest Sitcom Moms

being-a-man_136_5_med.jpgFor many of us, the sitcom was our first non-cartoon introduction to the adult world. My fondest sitcom memories were of watching the potent NBC comedy lineup of Diff’rent Strokes and Silver Spoons on Friday night.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, the sitcom was also one of my first introductions to the world of beautiful women. Sure the women in sitcoms were usually less provocative than their soap opera or primetime drama counterparts, but as a 10-year-old boy, there was nothing finer than seeing Erin Gray make her weekly entrance on the set of Silver Spoons. And in the sitcom hierarchy, there is nobody hotter than a sitcom mom (case in point: Justine Bateman or Meredith Baxter-Birney – if you even hesitated with that answer your manliness credentials are seriously in doubt buddy!).

So with Mother’s Day coming up, this is my ode to the gorgeous sitcom mom. They are the babes that hold the fictional families together and hold our attention until the next commercial break


I can totally relate to his Erin Gray observation, and as I kid, I thought she was also the girl in Knight Rider.

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  1. OK, this will really show my age. How about Laura Petri? No, she’s not as galmorous as today’s sitcom celebs but for her day, she was hot.

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