Next Time You Are At Airport Security, Make Sure To Thank Security Point Media

The SecureTray Systemâ„¢ is designed to fulfill a need for a uniform, repeatable method of moving passengers more easily and quickly through airport security checkpoints. Through February 2007 over 22 millions travelers have experienced The SecureTray Systemâ„¢ difference.

It increases the time Transportation Screening Officers (TSO) have to detect threat objects and minimize the time spent by those officials on security line management activities. The clean, efficient system adds to the uniformed presence of TSA officials responsible for public safety.

SecurityPoint Media maintains, services, and replaces damaged DivestingTablesâ„¢, SecureCartsâ„¢, and SecureTraysâ„¢ are replaced every 90 days to ensure the system is always in optimal condition and aesthetically appealing. SecureTraysâ„¢ are made from number 3 and 5 recycled material, and are responsibly recycled after use.



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