Newspapers Missing – Chicks Who Think They Look Fat Are Suspect

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Several female students at Framingham State College are accused of stealing about one-thousand copies of the student newspaper, apparently because they thought they looked fat in a front page picture.

A school official says the women face possible disciplinary action.

The color photo in “The Gatepost” shows seven female students at a women’s lacrosse game wearing tank tops and shorts with the name of a player spelled out on their bare bellies.

Soon after the paper was distributed around campus, about half its two-thousand-copy press run disappeared.

Desmond McCarthy, an English professor and the paper’s faculty adviser, says he was told by other students that the women in the photo thought they looked fat.

And my favorite part …

McCarthy says editions of the newspaper have been swiped a few times in past years, but this — in his words — “is the most stupid reason the paper has been stolen.”



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