New Addition to the Half-Asian Hall of Fame

Betty Nguyen

She is currently a CNN anchor, but she use to be an anchor in Dallas-Fort Worth.  I always thought she was half-Asian, but wasn’t for sure until I checked out this section of about The Asian American Journey.  It’s a great place to check out if you my kind of roots.

In this interview she mentions she’s a ‘hapa‘ – which is a slang term for half-Asian, something I was not aware of.  She goes on to tell how for the longest time half-Asians felt frustration filling out a form that asked for your race, since we kinda felt we are force to pick one parent over the other regarding this.  Finally the Census Bureau got things straight and we now have a check mark box on those forms – we finally count!

The one thing that did upset me was that she showcases a book that has nothing but pictures of half-Asians.  I wonder why a picture of the world’s best half-Asian blogger isn’t included?!?! 

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3 Responses to New Addition to the Half-Asian Hall of Fame

  1. carolyn says:

    As a FBNE (full blood northern european) this finally explains why I am not a lot cuter

  2. Sorry Keith. You may be half asian, but you’re not half as good looking as Betty Nguyen

  3. moldintexas says:


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