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Spoiler details from Lost108

The finale is full of action, a few deaths — and a huge twist

First, the deaths. A bunch of Others get killed when they try to raid the camp. This includes Friendly, who Sawyer shoots in cold blood — and also the other new tough guy Other (I think his name is Price) who gets run over by Hurley in the van.

And Charlie FINALLY dies. Thank god. I’ve always thought he was one of the weaker characters and his death has been threated in so many episodes its about time it finally happened. He unblocks the jamming signal in the underwater station but drowns when Mikhail uses a grenade to blow it up, killing them both. It’s a cool death for Charlie. Maybe cooler than he deserves.

Another big moment is when an old favorite of the show returns. Locke is just about to kill himself in the Dharma grave pit that he fell into after Ben shot him when he hears a voice telling him not to. He looks up to see…WALT!! Walt helps him out of the pit and then disappears. No sign of Michael, and there’s no explanation about where Walt has been or what happened to him or Michael.

Locke then makes it to the Radio Tower — and gets there in time to kill Naomi just before she makes the rescue call. He throws a knife straight into her back. Jack can’t understand what Locke is doing and tells him that he’ll have to shoot him to stop him from making the call himself. Locke threatens to kill Jack, but then backs down.

Jack makes the rescue call — and someone on the other end answers. The story on the island ends with help on the way. Or maybe not. Ben has told Jack that Naomi and her people aren’t who they say they are — and just before he dies, Charlie sees a transmission in the underwater hatch from Desmond’s Penny — who, contrary to what Naomi has said, denies that she knows Naomi at all!!

But the HUGE TWIST of the episode — in fact, probably the huge twist of the entire series — happens in the flashback. They start by showing that Jack is messed up. He’s popping pills and suicidal. The first flashback shows him about to kill himself by jumping off a bridge — only a car accident nearby causes him to stop, and instead of killing himself he finds himself helping the accident victims.

But he keeps spiraling. He sees his ex-wife at the hospital — she’s pregnant with another man’s child. He goes to a funeral of a person that we never discover, but whoever it is, his (or her) death rocks Jack hard. He steals drugs from the hospital and is caught by the new doctor in charge.

And all the time, he’s constantly on the phone desperately trying to contact somebody. And the last scene shows us who…he goes to meet the mystery person, and it’s the last person on earth we would think…it’s KATE!

And it’s now that we realize that for the first time in Lost history, we haven’t been watching a flashback. We’ve been watching a FLASH-FORWARD!

Yep, that’s right. THEY ACTUALLY SHOW THAT JACK AND KATE MAKE IT OFF THE ISLAND. For some reason, this has been the cause of Jack’s spiral. He tells Kate they have to go back to the island. She refuses and drives away. The show finishes with Jack screaming “We have to go back!!”

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