How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner in Photos

thump_40374giselle_bundchen.jpgWhy is it that celebrities always look skinny in red carpet photos? I live in NYC’s West Village and I can vouch that your average celebrity Ain’t All That. She tends to be short and bobbleheaded with proper child-bearing hips just like you and me (except for Giselle Bundchen and Sienna Miller, the skinny little…).
So how is it that in pictures they all appear so slim-ly terrific? More importantly, how can we look 10 pounds thinner in photos?

The secret is in the pose. (That, and the fact that they starve themselves a week before events and get sprayed by professional tanning people and wear gut-sucking Spanx and …). Back to the pose.

Here we share five secrets to appearing 10 pounds thinner in photos. You can practice these tips in front of a mirror, but we suggest locking your door first so as not to be caught appearing vain.


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