GPS Dog Collar

roameo_handheld.jpegRoamEO is an exciting new product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate their pets. Using a GPS-enabled collar, RoamEO can pinpoint your dog’s location and show you where he’s heading. It’s that simple. Now each time you put on your dog’s collar, it comes with the extraordinary advantage of knowing that you can locate your pet at anytime.

  • Locates your pet within one mile in all directions and displays this information on a color LCD screen.
  • If you pet is out of range, the last known location is displayed.
  • Displays your pet’s exact location, current movements, and velocity.
  • Create your own customized GPS Fence that will result in an audible alert if your pet leaves the defined perimeter.
  • Can track up to three pets simultaneously.
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    1. Tracy says:

      One of the best inventions yet! Now…only if the price would drop a little…

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