Disney Underground – The Tunnels Exposed

A former Walt Disney World employee blogs about the tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom.

When you get hired by Disney, you become a Cast Member (or CM for short). You are required to attend a Traditions class (mine was 4 days long, but I believe they have shortened it to 1 or 2). It’s all rah-rah during Traditions. They teach you a very detailed history of Walt, the park, the characters, and how to look and act when you’re “on stage.” According to the class, Walt was walking through Disneyland and saw a Frontierland character walking through Fantasyland, and thought it killed the perception of the theme for that land.  He decided he wanted people to be able to escape reality and needed a way to keep cast members in their designated areas. The tunnels were born – and if you really want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, they’re called the “Utilidor,” short for utilities corridor.



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