Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

When the party is over and the cake is gone you can have a keepsake to treasure and display for the years to come. These cake toppers are works of art that are a lasting reminder of your very special day. You can have a cake topper that is uniquely yours, made from your photographs to not only resemble you but capture your uniqueness as a couple. Let it reflect your humor, hobbies, interests, career. From comical to sophisticated, traditional to outrageous.



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3 Responses to Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

  1. Personalized wedding cake toppers do make terrific keepsakes….years after the wedding commotion settles down… a ceramic “snapshot in time” custom made to your specifications…I have been creating this type of art for over 30 years…visit to see over a thousand differnt pictures….or design over the phone at 1 800 231 9814
    best Wedding Wishes!…
    Hunter Vaughan

  2. Kristin Thompson says:

    Hi, i was just browsing and found this site…sounds like you’ve got an awesome thing going! What are your prices (I know it’ll probably depend on details and that stuff) but what’s the general price range? What all would you need in order to create a character of my fiance and me? How much time does it usually take to create the toppers? If you could get back to me when you have time, that would be great, thanks so much for your time!

  3. Dawn says:

    Check out
    for custom toppers too.

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