Connecticut Extreme Croquet Society

danthoene1.jpegWhat Is Extreme Croquet
Often called cross country croquet in Europe, extreme croquet is croquet on steroids. It can really be an outstanding challenge to any player. It is played not on lawns, but out in the wild. Easy courses can be layed out in a field, more challenging ones in a park. But to be a real afficianado, you have to take to the woods.
The Course
The field for extreme croquet is layed out like regular croquet, but the similarities end there. Extreme croquet is best played where the natural lay of the land provides an extremely difficult terrain. Gone are the manicured lawns of turf grass. Here is where the gullies, rocks and chiggers provide the crucible for champions.

The Equipment
Extreme croquet demands heavy duty equipment. The mallets used in regular lawn croquet are too flimsy, and are easily broken or shattered. It’s not even uncommon to shatter a ball in extreme croquet. The mallets for extreme croquet are usually made with heavy-duty handles, and plastic or composite heads. Many players wrap their handles with various materials for grip or comfort.

And these guys have a sense of humor.


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