Call it a hunch

I have a feeling Rosie O’Donnell will be the next host of the Price is Right.

Her contract mentioned she could leave The View if that position became available to her.

She’s not going back to The View, and she made some comment along the lines of “You’ll hear my new plans soon.”

On a somewhat related note, she had a comment from that article that did catch my attention: 

O’Donnell’s advice for teenagers who felt pressure from girlfriends or boyfriends: “You will never meet an adult who will say, ‘God, I wish I had sex sooner.”‘

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2 Responses to Call it a hunch

  1. Chris O says:

    SCARE ME! That woman needs a muzzle. Enough said.

  2. Patrick says:

    Rosie will not be the next host of TPIR. I was in the audience recently and Bob told us during one of the commercial breaks that she hadn’t even auditioned. (Need proof? Watch this Friday’s episode and look for the guy in the 4th row in the green Dallas Stars jersey. I’m on Bob’s right as he looks out from the stage.)

    The next host of TPIR will be Todd Newton. Google him to find out why. You read it here first.

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