Weekend Review

You may have noticed that there weren’t many posts on Friday.  That was because I had a physical scheduled for early that morning and I going on a road trip to Abilene for the scholarship board I’m a part of honoring my late buddy Micah.  Even though it’s sad knowing the only reason for this scholarship is the passing of our friend, the real blessings regarding this scholarship is not only do we have a chance to make a significant impact on someone’s life but the scholarship board consists of a bunch of old buddies who never really get to see each other except for this once a year occasion. 

So after my first physical in about six years two of my buddies traveled down with me to our old college town to meet the rest of the gang.  I will declare that this roadtrip as well as the meeting itself was the most gaseous event I have ever experienced.  Guys will be guys, and because we all have the maturity of a 12 year old, farting is still pretty darn funny, but fried chicken and BBQ are a dangerous combination for a group of men.  When I got back home I had to leave the windows down in WifeGeeding’s SUV all evening in hopes that will clear the air if you know what I mean, otherwise we are hoping that the insurance will total the vehicle since it might just be undrivable – but there’s little chance of that happening.

Then I saw this video that was posted on Barry’s blog that pretty much summed it all up.

Saturday morning we all ate at Cracker Barrel before driving back home.  As I was eating my favorite breakfast of chicken friend steak, eggs, hashbrowns, and two slices of toast (yes, I like to eat) I decided that I wanted to order two more pancakes just to finish things off (like I said, I like to eat).  Right after I made that order of two pancakes my cell phone rang and I didn’t recognize the number.  I’m not one to answer a phone at dinner, but I answered it nonetheless.  Turns out it was my doctor and the first thing he told me was that he was worried about my cholesterol level.  Turns out a cholesterol level of 261 is considered high.


He was so concerned that he wanted me to start taking some cholesterol lowering medication, but I was able to convince him this was something I wanted to try to tackle on my own without the help of meds.  I have to go back in six weeks to get checked again.

Another part worth mentioning about that breakfast was that it was my friend Jimi’s birthday.  We all chipped in and got him a gift that he opened at breakfast.  None of us told the staff it was his birthday, but the context clue of him opening gifts lead them to gather around and sing him a little tune.  I normally can’t stand it when the wait staff sings happy birthday, but there was something cute about a bunch of old ladies singing happy birthday to Jimi.  Of course I had to video record with my phone and you can watch the video here.

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5 Responses to Weekend Review

  1. Doug says:

    Sorry about the high cholesterol. My family gift is high blood pressure. I’m in good shape for 46 (workout, etc.) and I still have to take the meds. You may be able to get in the eat better, workout, and concur it. If not, do the meds. It may be genetic.

    Second, I hate the birthday singing thing too. I threaten my friends with death on my birthday. I’m glad I’m not the only on who isn’t in to the wait staff chorus.

    Finally, uh…your video link is bad.

  2. Dan says:

    Glad to have you back! I get worried about how you’re doing every time you don’t post for a day. By all means try working out and tracking cholesterol in your diet. But if that doesn’t work, take the meds

  3. make sure you nclude oatmeal and cerrios in your diet. These will help.

  4. Starr says:

    Well, did you finish off the two extra pancakes (with butter and syrup), even after the call from your Doctor?

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