The Shower Hot Water Saver

showersaver.jpgA Simple Yet Effective Device, Automatically Used Every Time You Shower That Stops The Waste Of Hot Water, In Effect Saving You Money.  So efficient, that a family of three can save over $75.00 a year in wasted water costs, as well as the cost of heating that wasted water.

People are busy in the morning and most, don’t have the luxury of time to stand around waiting for their shower to get warm.  As a result, they turn on their shower and leave to perform another morning task, like brushing their teeth, while their shower is warming.

This “ritual” results in a significant water and energy waste because the shower is actually warm long before the user ever “jumps-in”.  In the tooth brushing scenario depicted above, ShowerStart would pause the shower’s water flow after 46 seconds, thus preventing 60 seconds of additional waste.  This translates into an annualized savings up to over 2,500 gallons of water, and over $75 in water heating costs.


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