Student: I Was Forced To Urinate In Class

gatorade-lemonade.jpgThe student, 14-year-old Michael Patterson, said he had been drinking a sports drink all morning long, was late for class, but still needed to use the restroom.

Patterson said when he asked to use the restroom the teacher humiliated him and forced him to urinate in his science class while 31 other students turned their heads.

“I had a Gatorade bottle and I thought he was joking with me and he said, ‘Go in the corner by the sink,'” Patterson said.

Patterson didn’t want to get suspended, face the principal or have to tell his mother he was in trouble, he said.

“I did it,” Patterson said. “While I was doing it he yelled, ‘It stinks,’ and he was laughing about it.”

District officials said they are investigating the personnel matter and if the allegations are true, they will take appropriate action.

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