Red Sheep?

redsheepuk.jpgThe sheep have been released on a hillside beside the M8 between junctions three and four and is the brainchild of Pyramid Business Park.

The stunt in Bathgate was set up “for a bit of fun” to “brighten things up”.

Farmer Andrew Jack, who owns the 54-strong flock, spent hours spray painting the woolly mammals. They will be red for a month until sheared.

He said: “They are causing quite a stir with passers-by. It is a bit of fun and it does brighten things up.

“It was a bit messy and it really did take a while, but they look fantastic.

“We used a sheep spray, but it was totally animal friendly and would not do them any harm. We will leave them like that until it is time to shear their coats off.”

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One Response to Red Sheep?

  1. Doug says:

    I would have chosen a color that glows in the dark. But the red is nice as well.

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