Quiz: Name that hair-metal band

Take the quiz here.


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14 Responses to Quiz: Name that hair-metal band

  1. Doug says:

    Sad to say, this is right in my wheelhouse. I could have taken this quiz blindfolded and not missed one.

  2. maldomino says:

    nailed it. at first i was proud…but now, not so much.

  3. Erwin says:

    Guns N Roses In Early Years?

  4. jen says:

    wow i’m 15 and i got those all right. long live hair metal

  5. Hamlet666 says:

    It´s POISON!!!!
    no doubt
    i´m totally sure

  6. mckagan says:

    Maybe motley crue?

  7. ITALIANBOY says:


  8. Andres says:


  9. Jack Dice says:

    It’s Poison.
    The guy with the White Hair is CC.Devill in early years!

  10. Sydonia says:

    Coem on! that was too easy, all you have to do is spot the lead singers hair i didnt get one wrong. Also Motley crue have three brunettes and one blond whereas poison have three blonds and one brunette haha! The hardest was probably whitesnake

  11. Thais Durynek says:

    Sure is Poison and Bret Michels is too much I love him, alive to rock and I love poison

  12. doodle says:

    its poison dude. you can tell by cc’s fro!

  13. matias says:

    guns and roses

  14. Monroe DeVille says:

    left to right: Bobby Dall,C.C DeVille,Rikki Rocket,and Bret Michaels

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