Fuel-Efficient Cars Dent States’ Road Budgets

Cars and trucks are getting more fuel-efficient, and that’s good news for drivers. But it’s a headache for state highway officials, who depend on gasoline taxes to build and maintain roads.

The Federal Highway Administration estimates that by 2009 the tax receipts that make up most of the federal highway trust fund will be $21 billion shy of what’s needed just to maintain existing roads, much less build new roads or add capacity. Trying to compensate for highway-budget shortfalls, a handful of states are exploring other, potentially more lucrative ways to raise highway money.


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One Response to Fuel-Efficient Cars Dent States’ Road Budgets

  1. Doug says:

    One thing is for sure…big government will always extract whatever funds they need from your back pocket. If they don’t get it through gas taxes they will find another way.

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