Famous Balloon Movies

An independent director (who asked to remain nameless, but often works for Disney), did these sequences a few years ago for an overseas theme park project. The show was an homage to classic movies, tied together by a running gag of a stray balloon that gets loose. The director added the balloon using After Effects and did an amazing job matching each film’s cinematic style. The balloon subplot was eliminated from the project, but the director has now posted a bunch of his test clips on YouTube.

Chapter 1: Balloon Last
Chapter 2: Casaballoona
Chapter 3: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’s Balloon
Chapter 4: Balloon Travels North by Northwest
Chapter 5: Balloon Strikes Back
Chapter 6: Casaballoona2
Chapter 7: Balloonikita
Chapter 8: Floatting in the Rain
Chapter 9: The Balloon of Oz
Chapter 10: The French Balloon Connection


Chapter 2 cracked me up the most for some reason.

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2 Responses to Famous Balloon Movies

  1. i’m looking for babyloon

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    These are awesome and yeah number 2 cracked me up too. I love the balloon sounding noises as he bats it.

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