Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo

There’s a theory that everything is better with bacon. We believe that theory with all of our heart. To that end, we are introducing our line of bacon formal wear with Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo. You can get married in bacon, get confirmed in bacon or go to the Oscars in bacon! Wait until Joan Rivers gets a whiff of you. Each Tuxedo is tailored from chemically treated latex print fabric in one of four different sizes. Best of all, it smells just like bacon sizzling in the pan. Dry clean only.

Only $99.95!


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One Response to Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo

  1. Doug says:

    OK, I’m embarassed to make this post…but here goes. There are two instances where this would be well worth the cash. If you were seriously courting a “woman of size” this would totally be worth it. On the other hand if you were dating a Jewish woman and wanted to break up…this would be totally worth it.

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