An Interesting Commentary: What would Jesus really do?

NEW YORK (CNN) — When did it come to the point that being a Christian meant caring about only two issues,­ abortion and homosexuality?

Ask the nonreligious what being a Christian today means, and based on what we see and read, it’s a good bet they will say that followers of Jesus Christ are preoccupied with those two points.

Poverty? Whatever. Homelessness? An afterthought. A widening gap between the have and have-nots? Immaterial. Divorce? The divorce rate of Christians mirrors the national average, so that’s no big deal.

The point is that being a Christian should be about more than abortion and homosexuality, and it’s high time that those not considered a part of the religious right expose the hypocrisy of our brothers and sisters in Christianity and take back the faith. And those on the left who believe they have a “get out of sin free” card must not be allowed to justify their actions.

Many people believe we are engaged in a holy war. And we are. But it’s not with Muslims. The real war — ­ the silent war ­– is being engaged among Christians, and that’s what we must set our sights on.

As we celebrate Holy Week, our focus is on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But aren’t we also to recommit ourselves to live more like Jesus? Did Jesus spend his time focusing on all that he didn’t like, or did Jesus raise the consciousness of the people to understand love, compassion and teach them about following the will of God?

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(Thanks, Matt)

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2 Responses to An Interesting Commentary: What would Jesus really do?

  1. nathan says:

    Saw that article on cnn today and really really enjoyed it.

  2. littlepastor says:

    Makes good points, and I’m sure there are many that are guilty as charged.
    But I don’t let my passion for pro-life and pro-traditional families take away from my concerns and actions against poverty in my area (of which I’m firmly aware of) and the other issues that aren’t as mainstream.

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