Who wins this battle between a praying mantis and a spider?

Find out here.


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9 Responses to Who wins this battle between a praying mantis and a spider?

  1. karim says:

    the winer is mantis

  2. Troy from Las Vegas says:

    It is sort of as if the Mantis is looking at us to say, “Hee hee. Watch this.”

    Winner- Mantis.

  3. whitney says:

    hahah idc!!!!!
    neither one will win

  4. snitch says:


  5. manits vs spider? says:

    If the mantis can avoid being bitten, he will win, but once the spider bites him its all over…
    also if the spider dont see him comin mantis will hav advantage
    it cud be a draw if the mantis eats spider but then the venom kills him lol
    if the fite is on the web, spide will win cos mantis will get stuck and spider will feel his movements

    hope this helps…

  6. Alexis says:

    I once saw a dead mantis in a spider web. So I vote for the spider.

  7. Sally says:

    We had a large orb weaver spider next to our house for over 2 months, which disappeared just this past week. We saw an adult praying mantis nearby. Think the mantis got this one.

  8. traT3gic says:

    I had a pet black widow fully setup with her home and nasty strong web. I dropped in an average sized praying mantis to see what would happen – the spider was dead as soon as it made a move for the mantis.

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