The man who ruined Ted Haggard goes to church

Remember Mike Jones?  He was the former male prostitute whose allegations of a sexual liaison and drug use with Ted Haggard brought the pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs to his knees.

Well, he recently visited New Life Church and the Dever post did a story about how the church received him.


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One Response to The man who ruined Ted Haggard goes to church

  1. moldinasia says:

    “But Jones – who came forward out of anger toward Haggard’s political stances against homosexuality – said he wasn’t impressed on the whole. If the Gospel message is enough, he said, why the loud music and MTV-quality production?

    “There seems to be something missing, some realism, in my opinion, because it’s so vast, like some kind of self-contained city,” said Jones”

    …interesting commentary and words by the article writer and mr. jones…I wonder if he ever strikes up a conversation with a black haired flamenco dancer

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