Stephen Hawking chooses a new voice

The article about it can be found here.

However, an entertaining story about him a friend sent me can be found after the jump.

Oh yes, the wheelchair story. Gabe, it was insane, I

swear you just won’t believe this. I was busy

jabber-jawing in the car. I turned a corner in

Northgate with one hand. All of a sudden right in

front of me there was a guy in a motorized wheelchair

coming down the street in MY lane. He was heading

straight toward me and fast. I dropped the phone,

swerved the car to the left and barely missed the

dude. I thought to myself, OH MY GOD! I almost ran

over a handicapped person, how awful. And you know,

you can’t really give him the bird and tell him to

watch where he’s [explative] going like you would for any

other idiot going the wrong way down the street. That

would be tacky. But then, I realized something. I

recognized the guy. It was Stephen Hawking. I nearly

crapped myself. He was giving a lecture on the A&M

campus that weekend. Rudder Auditorium was completely

sold out. And there he was in Northgate, cruising the

street, checking out the scene, maybe hoping to score.


Gabe, can you imagine, my picture would have been on

the front of every major newspaper in the world.

Headline: Jerk talking on cell phone plows down

Stephen Hawking. Definition of hell: You spend your

entire struggling to BE somebody, next minute your

dream comes true.

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