Pillow Fight League

The Pillow Fight League (PFL) leads the way as the most exciting and innovative new wave in sports entertainment. Featuring strong female combatants, the PFL is engaged in the unprecedented whip-action attack of pillow fighting. Not just for the slumber-party sleepover anymore, these women are serious brawlers – armed with beauty, brains and a nasty disposition. The contests are fast-paced and furious, with flying feathers and hard-hitting moves. There are various ways to win a match, with a referee always on hand to keep the hair-pulling and scratching to a minimum.


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2 Responses to Pillow Fight League

  1. Doug says:

    Local Pillow Fight Club happens locally each year. From the photos it looks like West End hosts the event.


  2. LittlePastor says:

    Anyone see the Demitri Martin special on Comedy Central Sunday Night? He had a bit about PillowFights.

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