Pastor Ed Young and Hulk Hogan are Buds

And larger than life.

Watch the video here.


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4 Responses to Pastor Ed Young and Hulk Hogan are Buds

  1. Doug says:

    Yep! Gonna see the Hulkster at church this weekend I hope. Hey and check out Ed! He’s looking pretty ripped himself. They almost reming me of SNL characters Hanz and Franz.

    “Hear me now and believe me later. We are going to pump (clap) YOU UP!”

  2. Todd says:

    This is dumb! LOL

  3. james shelton says:

    it’s awesome to see terry bolleau having a better life now.i am happy for him.

  4. Deborah Glen says:

    Hi! Ed, I hope the Hulkster doesn't cream you. I am going to make a little donation…actually a tithe of my last retirement ck from California. You have inspired me to be better about tithing. Deb Glen

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