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Friends of God: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi

Untitled24.jpgHBO’s intrepid reporter/tour guide Alexandra Pelosi undertakes an entertaining road trip into the red-state heartland of America for a look at the many millions of evangelical Christians who have become a formidable force in our culture and our democracy. This illuminating documentary chronicles an array of characters who comprise the booming evangelical Christian movement–from TV celebrities like Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell and Ted Haggard, to the leaders of groups like the Christian Wrestling Federation and Cruisers for Christ (a car club)…to regular folk committed to carrying out the Creationist messages plastered on billboards throughout the Bible Belt.

And then there is this article from MSNBC that I think will make it even more interesting:

Alexandra Pelosi finshed her HBO documentary on evangelical America and then her main guide, Ted Haggard, was ruined by a sex scandal.

And in case you are wondering, Alexandra Pelosi is the daughter of Madam Speaker.

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