My family in Vietnam is looking forward to our visit

When I emailed my family in Vietnam that we were going to visit them, they sent a very touching reply, so I thought I would share.  It is a little hard to read since they don’t speak English and use a Vietnamese/English dictionary to write, but you have to commend them for the effort and I think you’ll get the gist of it: 

your email you say you plan on going to VIET NAM and to bring some of mom’s ashes to us in VIET NAM we are pleased and wait you all, ashes of your mom we will put place of worship and when we old and die we will take that ashes along with us. there is another thing i want to ask you about : when do you go to VIET NAM  ?I want to know because we plan to build two bedroom for you !!! we want you free and easy on the time stay in VIET NAM  to build within the next two month

Don’t worry , at here we have save some money for to build because we want when you come to VIET NAM  you and us under the same roof not stay in hotel .

my english isn’t good but i hope you will understand me

Yup, I think they are looking forward to our visit.

UPDATE:  FYI – We are going to stay in a hotel, we don’t want them going through the trouble of building a place for us to stay.

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