Me and My Hair

At one time in my life I actually had ‘normal’ hair.


When one of my friends died, I decided to honor him by cutting my hair like his for a year.  He would only use clippers with a short blade.  This lasted actually for about two years, and I kinda miss it – real low maintenance and I was saving roughly $20 a month not having to go get my hair cut.


At one time I decided to see what it would be like to shave my head completely.  I think every male should do this once (voluntarily) in his life.


But then I starting to think about my friend that died again, and about how he always wanted to grow his hair out, but never could go through with it because of the awkward phases of the hair just looking plain weird as it grew.  So sometime in October 2005, I decided to just let it grow.  This is me just last month.


As you can see, the hair is long for a year and two months of growth.  It was long enough that it could be put in a French braid.


But I really enjoyed wearing it in a pony tail.


But sometimes it was just fun experimenting with my long hair.  I call this the Trump comb-over.


However, I knew my long hair was getting on WifeGeeding’s nerves, so I decided to cut it.  It was the first time I paid for a hair cut in like three years.  That’s roughly $720 I saved in hair cuts ($20 x 36 months).  It took me about three weeks to just get the nerve to do so, and everytime I was about to do it, someone would compliment my long hair.  I’m pretty sure at this point my mother-in-law is doing an Irish jig as she celebrates knowing her son-in-law no longer looks like a chubby half-Asian hippy.


I told the hair-cutting lady I wanted to have hair like this, still a little long, but shorter.  I even took this picture in to show her.


But the finished product looks like a bad 80’s experiment gone wrong.  If only I could wear a cap to work.  Urghhhh.

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