McDonald’s USA Restaurant Locator

Going on a vacation?
The McDonald’s Trip Planner can help you locate all the McDonald’s along the way.

For instance, it tell me that there are 10 McDonald’s on the way to visit the InLawsGeeding – I would have thunk there would have been more.  Here’s the breakdown of them:

Special – 2
Mall – 2
Freestanding – 6


Here are some pictures of one of the ‘Special’ McDonald’s that we pass along the way.

2m.jpeg 3m.jpeg

4m.jpeg m2.jpeg

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One Response to McDonald’s USA Restaurant Locator

  1. Jimi says:

    I think it will only list 10. I did it to MW, and it stopped listing them in Haltom City. None in Weatherford, or the one with loud seats in MW.

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