How to search Amazon for Deals

amazonogo.jpegAmazon offers tons of deals, rebates, and coupons but weaving through the endless pages has just got easier. Brand Name Coupons brings the easiest way to find the best deals on Amazon. The following links will allow you to find deals searching for % off deals (90%, 80%,etc.).


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5 Responses to How to search Amazon for Deals

  1. John Paul says:

    Interesting…. I did a search for 90% off in the “tools and hardware” category… one of the items I came across was a molded wood toilet seat; original price: $747.00 marked down to $14.95. That must be some toilet seat to draw that original price, but the “off-the-lot” depreciation is a killer…I think the thing that upnerved me more was that there are 4 “new and USED” available starting at $10.32…

  2. J.D. says:

    Here’s my new favorite site for finding discounts at

    You can sort products by discount (percent off), as well as popularity, price, and user rating.

  3. C.H. says:

    Try this site out. It lets you choose percentage off ranges as well as sort order and items available only from Amazon, not third parties.

  4. C.H. says:

    Sorry…submitted too fast.


  5. chrhup says:

    Check out It has some good advanced search functionality, and allows you to search only Prime eligible items.

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