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ap.jpegFor those of you outside of the Dallas Fort-Worth area, you will probably be laughing at us, but the weather and the coverage of it is just plain crazy as of late.

Since we usually don’t get a lot cold weather, there aren’t any machinery to make the roads safe, not to mention, no one here knows how to drive on slick roads and thus a lot of schools are closed for the day.

Last week all the meteorologists jump the gun on the bad weather saying a fierce wintery mix was on the way.  There was so much hype that some schools went ahead and closed for the day since the forecast mentioned a penguin invasion.  In reality, it was cold with some precip but the roads and everything else was just fine, a huge overreation

Last night the forecast for today was for some cold weather, but everything was predicted to be OK – no anticipation of freezing precipitation or school closings.  However, when I walked out the door this morning there was nothing but freezing rain.  When I walked back in GeedingManor to check all the local news channels, there was no school closings, so I headed to work.  Heck, even Rebecca Miller stated that there was nothing to worry about and today would be a normal but cold day.  Well, Ms Miller, I shall never rely on you for anything again.

Anywho, I did find some funny commentary about the weather in the DFW area from Dallas Inconsequential, however, I cut and pasted all the stuff after the jump so you can just read on.

I also have two other bits of informtion I found on TVJobs.com.  Turns out the very evil and annoying Carol Wang is finally leaving DFW to terrorize Omaha, and Canada’s first weatherman just died.

Here’s the stuff I promised from Dallas Inconsequential:

OMG! Snow!

According to Channel 8, we’re all gonna die. ALL OF US. 

Tell my mommy I loved her, and it was me who put the dent in the door of Maroon Doom when I was 18.

On second thought, just tell her I loved her.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pull a mattress over the bathtub and huddle with a can of creamed corn. The Snowy Apocalypse has hit Dallas, and we’re all gonna die.

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  1. Heather says:

    hee — don’t feel bad. We get that stuff all the time, (though this year has been a giant exception), and people can’t handle it here, either. Our first real storm was Monday; freezing rain. There were more than 700 accidents in the morning rush hour(s). Apparently, people forget how to winter drive, year-to-year. Glad my dad made me practice, practice, practice!

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