BON Christmas Card Experiment Conclusion

I got a few emails asking about the final results of my little BON Christmas card experiment, so I thought I would give y’all some details.  And yes, I just typed y’all – I am from Texas.

First off, I not only wanted to thank all of you who mailed us a card, but I want to thank all of my readers for not mailing us any explosives.  Remember, a blown-up Geeding means a permanently empty 😉

But seriously, I thought I would only get about ten cards at the most, turns out I got a total of 23.  Even more, a lot of the cards were hand made and many of you wrote very touching words concerning the death of MomGeeding and our first Christmas without her.  It was such a blessing to know that not only at least 23 people check out this little website on a consistent basis, but to take the time and money to send some ‘Internet dude and his family’ a little holiday cheer warmed our hearts.  I also felt more connected with my readers, and considering where all the cards came from, the term “world wide web” made a lot more sense.  It was certainly fun checking the mail everyday in December, and I may try this again next year.  Once again, thanks!

Here are the results:

From Texas

In the U.S. but out of Texas

Two from New York and one from each of the following states: Ohio, Indiana, California, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Out of the U.S.

One from Germany and three from Canada.

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