BON Christmas Card Experiment Conclusion – Conclusion

Turns out I was a day premature posting my BON Christmas card experiment conclusion.

When I arrive home I find a package address to Keith “BON” Geeding.  Automatically I’m thinking, “I just made a post yesterday stating how thankful I was that I didn’t receive any explosives in the mail . . . ”

Well, after having DogGeeding and OtherDogGeeding use their bomb sniffing skills, I decided that it was OK to go ahead and open up the package.

Inside is a Dallas Cowboys floor mat!

Also inside is a note from Shawn of Louisiana apoligizing for not sending a card in time, but would hope that the mat would make up for it. 

Well, Shawn, it sure does, thanks!

Even though I’ve been border line depressed over Romo and his bobble, this mat will bring me some comfort and I’ll be cheering on the Saints in honor of Shawn for the rest of the season.

Below is DogGeeding, whose real name is Tuna (named after Parcells) and OtherDogGeeding (Oreo) posing with the mat.


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