An Update on Viet Cong Charlie The Travel Agent

First off, I want to thank everyone for their two cents, it means a lot to me, even the comical responses.  Heck, I even had one reader email that post to a lawyer and he forwarded the response back to me.  I’m lucky to have some really great readers.

Now that a few days have past, I’m not quite as emotional so I can think a little more rationally.  Reminds me of something I learned in premarital counseling – respond don’t react. 

My first inclination was to jump to the dark side of my competitive nature and make sure Viet Cong Charlie The Travel Agent doesn’t get the best of me, even if it’s going to take some time, effort, and money.  I mean the dude even told me to take him to court!  He brought it up, it’s like he’s calling my bluff or something like that, and I wasn’t even trying to bluff.

I’m also looking at this as a great learning experience of our judicial system.  If I go through with this, I leave a little more knowledgeable about something I always wanted to explore.  Heck, I even had a Ben Matlock blazer picked out.   I already found the JP I would have to file with, and discovered court costs would be about the same amount I would not be getting back.  But the satisfaction of the learning experience and him having to take time out of his day may be worth it.

WifeGeeding talked to her Baylor Law Best Friend, and I corresponded with my Baylor Law friend, and then there was the lawyer response I received earlier from a reader and all seemed to agree that it would not be worth the time, effort and money.  But I’m wondering if the educational experience itself would be worth the time and effort.  If I win, I can possibly get back everything plus court costs.  Plus I would get that “Don’t Mess With Geeding” feeling.  If I lose, I’m thinking I would get back at least the $225 I would have got if I would have just written the letter and out money for court costs (and time and effort).

I’m not sure if the BBB or the chamber of commerce would do much good since this place is in the middle of Little Saigon, and those businesses just really don’t care what other places think – it’s not a Western mindset we’re dealing with. 

If I just write the letter, I wonder if I’m just taking the easy way out and allowing someone to take advantage of me?  The bad guy wins again.

I’m still mulling things over, but in the mean time I went ahead and emailed all the local news stations just to see if they would bite.  I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot.  In the mean time I’ll just be dreaming of Mike Wallace walking through his door with a camera crew.

Oh, and I will be posting the address and phone number sometime in the future, do with it as you will.

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4 Responses to An Update on Viet Cong Charlie The Travel Agent

  1. Peggy says:

    So are you making your plans through another agency now? I may be way off, but I would imagine that a national travel agency would be able to handle the arrangements for you and you may have more security and recourse with arrangements made by a larger, reputable national company..

  2. MToots says:

    I agee w/ Peggy.

  3. richard says:

    how about going to the peopls court or one of those tv shows! see you on texas justice..

  4. Doug says:

    We never spoke about what was up with this guy. I’m guessing poor business management or drug ploblems.

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