UK drama paints fictional assassination of Bush

Some things are best left unmade:

LONDON (Reuters) – British public broadcaster Channel 4 is courting controversy with what it calls a “shockingly real” drama about the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush.

“Death of a President,” shot in the form of a documentary examining the assassination, will use a blend of archival footage and computer-generated special effects to portray Bush in October 2007 arriving in Chicago during an anti-war rally.

In the film, Bush is killed by a sniper, and the investigation quickly focuses on a Syrian-born man. It will air in October on Channel 4’s More4 digital channel, as well as at the Toronto Film Festival in September.


I may disagree with his politics and can’t stand the man personally, but making a movie about a current president being assassinated is in very poor taste.  I’m sure Laura and the twins appreciate this. 

However, I have to compliment both Bush presidents.  Both chose a VP that no one would ever want to see become president, thus preventing any assissination plot.

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