Poll Results: BON Advertising

Well, of my dedicated viewers that actually took time to vote, a third of you call for no advertising.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I may just advertise for a month as an experiment and go from there; but I do thank you for your input.



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One Response to Poll Results: BON Advertising

  1. Beth says:

    First, what I wanna know is–how is “No (I don’t care)” different from “Don’t care”?? Seems they are the same and thus about 70% of your voting audience doesn’t care. As someone who voted “Yes, I do care” seems the majority still rules and you should go for it…

    The whole problem with advertising is that you can’t necessarily control exactly what is advertised which leads to tacky and/or objectionable ads. I advise you try it for a month but if the ads aren’t “mainstream and discreet” you remove ’em…

    Hows that for feedback…

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